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Support the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife ~
Help Meet the Challenge!!

Your support of as little as $10 will help ensure that all Oregonians can experience the natural wonders of our state and continue to experience outdoor recreation opportunities now – and well into the future.

More than 4 million people and 700 species of fish and wildlife make Oregon home. From clean rivers and deep forests to high desert sagebrush and dramatic coastlines, healthy landscapes are as vital to fish and wildlife as they are to our own physical, social, and economic well-being. Population growth and environmental changes make caring for these natural resources increasingly challenging.

OCRF Thrive Together

That’s why the Audubon Society of Lincoln City supports a broad, coalition campaign to inspire Oregonians of all backgrounds to contribute to the Oregon Conservation and Recreation Fund.

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This new, landmark fund will support the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife’s efforts to achieve critical conservation goals as well as expand opportunities for responsible outdoor recreation, improve environmental education and science, and reduce barriers for underserved communities to connect with the outdoors.

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The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife is funded almost entirely through hunting and fishing licenses. Less than nine percent of its revenue comes from the general fund. Because of a decline in hunting and fishing over the years, a new source of revenue is needed to support the Department’s conservation efforts.

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This year, the State Legislature created – and has appropriated one million dollars for – the Oregon Conservation and Recreation Fund. But this money can only be used if Oregonians donate an equivalent amount between now and next July.

If only 100,000 Oregonians each donate as little as $10 each, that goal will be reached. ASLC's Conservation Action Committee is donating $500 to help us get there.

Please do your part and donate ten dollars to the Oregon Conservation and Recreation Fund. You can donate online at

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Our fish and wildlife have always been a large part of what makes Oregon special. Let’s keep them around.

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