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Support the Lincoln City Cultural Center ~
Buy a Bird Brick!

I'm sure you've all heard that the Lincoln City Cultural Center just received funding from the State to help pay for the new Plaza. This is exciting news, but they still need donations from the public to meet the funding requirements. ASLC Board member Mark Nicholson and his wife, Debra, came up with a wonderful idea that will help the Cultural Center and be an outreach mechanism for ASLC - Bird Bricks!

We're inviting ASLC members, and any member of the public who wants to participate, to check our list of species and find the one(s) that you'd like to have on your brick (we'll keep the list updated as people "reserve" the various bird names so you'll be able to see which ones haven't been chosen). We're hoping for a good variety!

If you want to particate, here's what you need to do:

1) choose a local bird species from our list of local birds,

Sample small bird brick

2) visit the a Cultural Center website to order a brick (or more than one) from the Cultural Center, and

Sample small bird brick (anonymous)

3) complete the online form with the name of the local bird name that you've chosen along with your name (or "LC Audubon" if you prefer to be anonymous).

Large Audubon bird brick

The bricks will be scattered throughout the plaza and paths at the Cultural Center. ASLC is purchasing a large brick that will invite people to search for and find all of the "bird bricks" in the plaza. We plan to have a checklist of the birds so you can check them off as you walk the new Plaza and find them (fun for kids of all ages!).

Contact us if you have questions.
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